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:bulletred: :bulletred: DOLL FAQ :bulletred: :bulletred:

What are these dolls?

They are called Ball-jointed-dolls (BJD) and they come from different asian companys - from Japan, China or South Korea for example. You can move every part of their body because of their ball-joints and elastic strings inside their body. They have wigs, changeable eyes and if you want you can change or remove every part of their body too. And of course you can give them their own style with selfmade make-up (called face-up). Also usually they are anatomical correct with every part of their body, so it's a shame to compare them with Barbie dolls!

Are your Dolls for sale?

We don't sell any dolls. They are our own collection, so please don't ask for selling them! Thank you for understanding!

How tall are they?

There're so much different sizes. For example you can find very tiny dolls (about 10cm), Yo-SD (about 25cm), MSD (about 40cm), SD (about 60cm) and also you can find dolls taller than 70cm, so we saw dolls with a height of 90cm too! Our Dolls are 21cm - 68cm.

How much do they cost?

You can find Dolls in different price categories. The companies make their own prices, but the cheapest dolls are about 100$ (tiny dolls) and if you have enough money you can afford dolls for more than 1.500$ too... But our weren't that much expensive, of course.

Do you take Face-up commissions?

At the moment Michi only takes commissions from Germany. Her shop "Colors of Soul" can be found on the german BJD forum Dollicted! Please check her conditions there, thank you!

What do you use for your Face-ups and Tattoos?

Michi works with usual watercolor pencils (aquarelle), pastels and sometimes with acylic, but everything have to be oil-free! Clear acylic paint (from Tamiya Color) for shiny lips and eyes. Mr. Color Thinner for removing the old face-ups. And Mr. Super Clear FLAT (MSC) and Purity Seal for fixing face-ups.

And what do you use for Monster High and Pullip repaints?

MH - acetone-free and oilfree nailpolish remover for removing the old color, MSC flat for sealing before and after painting, soft pastels and aquarelle/watercolor pencils. Everything oil-free of course too.

Pullip/Blythe - superfine sand paper for removing the old colors (no thinner or nailpolish remover please!), MSC flat, soft pastels and aquarelle/watercolor pencils. Everything oil-free again.

How do you do Face-ups in detail?

At the moment we don't have a face-up tutorial yet, but we really can recommend AndrejAs YouTube Channel! She's a fantastic Face-Up Artist and answered most of the usual questions in her Videos. Please take a look: Link

Where do you buy your Dolls and Clothes?

Usually we buy our Dolls direcly from the manufacturer, middlemen on Ebay or on second hand markets. And Clothes we usually buy on Ebay or other BJD online stores too. For example: SW&Doll, Tatas Paradise, Alice Collections. But also we sew some things by ourself!^^

Where do you buy your Dolls wigs?

How you get into that Hobby?

We have always watched Animes and read Mangas. So since a very long time we love Japan. And also we love to collect Manga PVC Figures and some day we saw many photos of these beautiful dolls in the internet. We always dreamt about having such a doll too, but as you know they are so expensive. But we've got many informations about sizes, prices and price differences and since the beginning of 2011 we have our first own Dolls too! :D

Can I use your photos as stock/reference?

No. Usually we don't give permission to use our pictures in any way, especially not for commercial use. We only take photos for fun and sharing with you, please understand our decision~ We tolerate it when they are credietd and linked back to us. But if you find stolen photos (on tumbr, FB, ebay or other websites) without crediting, please report them, that would be nice! Thank you!^^

If you want to learn more about these dolls please visit Wikipedia or use Google.

Thanks for reading! :dance:

Clipsy & Michi (prettyinplastic)

:iconclipsy82: & :iconmi-chi:


:iconbjd-art: :icondollleaves: :icondoll-love-bjd: :iconhybrid-bjd: :iconbjd-crossover:


Michi and Clipsy
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
pretty in plastic is the DOLLS & FIGURES account of
:iconmi-chi: and :iconclipsy82:!

We're collecting Dollfies/ABJDs, Manga PVC figures and other dolls! And we also love to take pictures, that's why we want to share them with you!

Also we are part of Maskcat Doll now! Please take a look:


Tue Aug 5, 2014, 11:42 AM
Hi dears! :heart:

It is such an honour for us that we had the chance to be interviewed by Setsuu! He's a long-time BJD admirer and with writing this blog and doing interviews he keeps on saving for the first doll^^
Please visit his blog: :heart:
And the interview with us can be found at:…

Thank you a lot again for all the nice praise, although we really don't feel that popular and there are a lot other BJD collectors here that are much more popular than us... But we're happy we could help you to discover the world of ball jointed dolls! :heart:

Clipsy & Michi


:bulletred: M I C H I S . D O L L S :bulletred:

she takes almost all pictures of the following dolls and will answer on comments on these pictures too.

lest we forget by prettyinplastic
Doll-Love Kaja [Link]

elf princess Lily by prettyinplastic
Dikadoll Rena head & Limhwa body [Link]

in the garden ::02:: by prettyinplastic
Doll-Love dreaming Yozi 半眠柚子 Christmas Edition [Link]
Doll-Love Yoyo [Link]

demonic prince by prettyinplastic
Switch Soseo, on an Ariadoll 18yrs Majesty body [Link]

cute sailor dragon Sky x3 ::02:: by prettyinplastic
LoongSoul Tinboo limited [Link]

BAMBI: (Himiko)
sweet girl Bambi by prettyinplastic
BeYours Ceiba [Link]

Linas new face by prettyinplastic
Leekeworld Clover [Limited Edition] [Link]

a flowery day in the garden by prettyinplastic
Dollzone Yume Vampire (mod) [Link]

tell me something by prettyinplastic
Raurencio Studio Rubin on a Sadol body

her shimmery eyes by prettyinplastic
Dear Mine Doll Angela [Link]

her true self by prettyinplastic
Supiadoll Lina [Link]

little chipmunk girl by prettyinplastic
Luts Tiny Delf Alice [Link]

you make me happy by prettyinplastic
Fairyland Minifee Juri 2013 Event Head [Link]

hello little cutie! x3 by prettyinplastic
Dollzone Senna [Link]

little ghost girl by prettyinplastic
KS-doll 月光石Moon Stone [Link]


:bulletred: C L I P S Y S . D O L L S :bulletred:

she takes almost all pictures of the following dolls and will answer on comments on these pictures too.

reborn ::03:: by prettyinplastic
Iplehouse J.I.D. Asa [Link]

RAVEN: (Ryosuke)
hey you by prettyinplastic
Doll Leaves Noir (2012 new year event) [Link]

Rika 10 by prettyinplastic
Crobidoll Sinbi limited [Link]

Miro 01 by prettyinplastic
Soom Dolomi - Sweet Snow (MD Jan/2011) [Link]

Mayumi 01 by prettyinplastic
SQ-Lab Ayumi [Link] [Link]

Lykon 03 by prettyinplastic
LoongSoul Farkas (limited) [Link]

Sweet Momoko 02 by prettyinplastic
Leekeworld Chloe (limited) [Link]

Berenice 05 by prettyinplastic
BeYours Kirara on a Dollmore Glamor Eve body [Link]

Akiyoshi 01 by prettyinplastic
old head: Capriccio Doll 时鹿 (time deer) [Link]
new head: Switch Yiho [Link]
on a modified Blossom Doll girl body (genderless)

Emily 01 by prettyinplastic
Fairy Garden Papana [Link]

? (ordered)
Withdoll Werewolf Babies - Coco [Link]


:bulletred: S H A R E D . D O L L S (Michi & Clipsy) :bulletred:

DYCE: (Daisuke)
nice to meet you by prettyinplastic
D.O.D. DOT Black Code No. 02 (Event) [Link]

wanna go out with me tonight? by prettyinplastic
Little Monica Dyuke (Harmony) on a Migidoll Body [Link]


:bulletred: M A S K C A T. D O L L S :bulletred:

different worlds by prettyinplastic
Maskcat Xilv & Ruolan

cute boy by prettyinplastic
Maskcat Nerine boy on a Popodoll body

cute Melodie by prettyinplastic
Maskcat Melodie

sisters by prettyinplastic
Maskcat Aruna & Belina

let it snow, let it snow... 01 by prettyinplastic
Maskcat Xilv (with modded eyes by Michi)

tomboy by prettyinplastic
Maskcat Ronia

Shadow the soul eating demon (Maskcatdoll Evelyn) by prettyinplastic
Maskcat Evelyn (mod)


:bulletred: Dolls we don't own anymore :bulletred:

Miki: Ringdoll Valo [Link]

Koji/Reiko: Dollzone Mo-2 [Link]

Cherry: Doll-Love Lincy [Link]

Melody: Angel Fantasy Mandy [Link]

Momo: Dollzone Momo Christmas 2010 Special Event doll [Link]

Hope: Dollmore Ipsae head (only was for face-up and modding training)

Ruka & Emily: Hujoo Sleepy Wings & Hujoo Yomi [Link]

Polaris: Flicker the mini dragon from TheMushroomPeddler

Loki: Withdoll Juwel [Link]

Seiichi: Souldoll Morse [Link]


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